EM Hauri Co was established in 1993, initially delivering construction

services before expanding to the engineering field. With this, EM Hauri Pty Ltd

was founded in 2008. We offer various employment and contractual solutions

and deliver training and assessment to Standard AS 1796 in Certificates 1-8G.

EMH sources self-driven professionals with substantial technical expertise, excellent safety awareness and performance outcomes to deploy to various projects in both public and private sectors across Australia. EMH is also working jointly with COENS, a multinational corporation boasting extensive technical staff and consultants abroad.


Recent partnership agreement with Blue Ocean Supervision Service (BOSS) and Trans Gas enables EMH to introduce the latest maritime technology, SOx scrubber and LNG tanks/tankers, here in Australia.

EMH is passionate about developing and enriching networks domestically and globally to deliver comprehensive recruitment opportunities to individuals, and extensive services and solutions tailored to industry and client needs and ambitions. We prioritise building and retaining strong relationships with our clients, and we achieve this by anticipating, understanding and fulfilling current and future project forecasts and requirements.